Five busy roads converging at a traffic circle

Yesterday I found myself in peak hour traffic negotiating my way around a congested traffic circle where five busy roads met. It was much easier than I expected for one simple reason – everyone readily and politely gave way to the vehicle on their right.

Such simplicity! Such sense!

I found myself thinking about “Corporate Traffic Circles” – the busy roads that are converging in Business but seem to be so blocked and causing dreadful traffic jams. I call it “Corporate Inertia“.

One road is occupied by “Quantum Thinkers” who dream of driverless cars that are programmed to handle traffic circles mathematically and optimally.

On another road sit drivers and passengers who have lost interest in their journeys. We call them the “disengaged“.

The “techies” are impatient. They can’t wait to change the world with new Apps and developments that make billionaires – or cause tragic failures.

From the far right come the angry “power players“, stuck in the habits of pushing in and the game of “the survival of the fittest”.

And in the fifth stream there are the “Millennials“. They are inexperienced drivers but are determined that their “hooting” must be heard.

RISK rises alarmingly; while returns keep falling.

What is missing? A simple behaviour change !

Yield, and wait patiently for your turn. Tone down the temper tantrums. Practice politeness. And keep the traffic flowing.

In our consulting we call it PLAYING BLUE in a world that most often plays RED! It is creating ENERGY rather than POWER. It is creating easy flow rather than angry blockage. It is moving freely rather than sitting jammed.

Perhaps you feel that you are at a chaotic traffic circle in your life too?

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