Thoughts on the Personal Energy Journey

Personal Energy was not something that I had given much thought to before I completed the Personal Energy Journey course. I think I had often just thought that the energy I had was chalked up to ‘how I was feeling that day’ and that I had very little control over my own energy and the energy of others. You can imagine my shock when I was forced to confront my ego on this! I have personally found the journey to be an inspiring one, and throughout the course, there were considerable ‘Ah ha’ moments, that caused me to stop and reflect:

  1. I am empowered to influence my own personal energy. Whilst we cannot change the circumstances we are in, individuals we meet, and experiences we have; personal energy is a choice. The commission to ‘Play Blue’ sums up this choice, where our reaction to events is within our control, and we are not inevitably victims to circumstance. This is something that has stayed in my mind and has been repeated (consistently) when faced with a potentially energy-draining situation.
  2. Collaboration can reap greater rewards than competition. Despite the message portrayed in society and amongst many organisations, creating a competitive environment where there are select ‘winners’ does not necessarily bring about the best outcomes. A collaborative environment allows for the ego to be stripped away and for ‘win-win’ solutions to be provided, as individuals add to each other’s energy through a team effort. Even in sport, often the best teams are those that are not made up of superstars but that are able to work well together to bring about a victory.
  3. Energy has a considerable impact on work ethic and environment. I have found that if I have more energy then I tend to have a higher concentration and am more productive with my work. I find that I am able to solve problems easier, I see opportunities not challenges, I am less distracted and treat others with greater patience. In a world where it is estimated that only 10% of employees are engaged, this is a critical revelation for organisations, and although individuals need to take ownership of their own personal energy, companies can actively seek to positively influence the energy of others.
  4. It is the small things that influence my own energy and the energy of others. The Personal Energy Journey introduced me to the concept of fractals, which are repeating patterns that occur at different scales. Just as a small adjustment in one fractal can greatly alter the bigger picture, so a small change in our attitude and behaviour towards others can add to their energy and transform outcomes. Influencing the energy of others, therefore, does not need to occur as a grand statement but can be nestled in our daily interactions.

Through the Personal Energy Journey, I have opened myself up to engagement with strangers. I find I deliberately choose to act in warmth, seeking opportunities to share and add energy to others. Traditional perspectives I had of the world around me have been challenged and as a result, the unlikeliest friendships born.

Victoria Duncan