My own monopoly-experience!


Yesterday at my last day of our holiday I participated in a 10 km run in the beautiful Danish island called Bornholm. On the route there was great support from many happy people and around 7 km I saw two boys standing in the side of the road handing out high fives for motivating the runners. Starting to feel tired after running full speed I thought that their energy really could affect me so I began my crossing of the road to reach the boys for a high five. They saw me and raised their hands and then it happened – a young man came from behind and got disturbed in his route by my crossing and good intentions. Filled with angry competitive race-energy he shouted out loud in an angry voice that I should move out of the way and that I made a stupid move. His fiery red energy affected me in the very same fiery red way and I literally exploded. Who was he to ruin my day and disturb the party that the two boys where having by handing out high fives. We had a verbal and angry red discussion.

As Colin decided with Steve in the monopoly game I too decided to give this man a lesson. On a normal day he would outrun me on a race like this. But not today – I decided that no matter what it took I was gonna beat him on the finish line. The rest of the race I was not more than one step behind him and he knew it. He increased pace and it started to get rough but I was so filled with fiery red energy that I just kept track. 200 meters before the finish line he began the final sprint and it was tough but I made it and on the finish line I surpassed him.. Mission accomplished! He was beaten and he knew it. I even took the time to step on him one final time “thank you for the pace” I said to him when I passed him laying on the grass grasping for air.

Now this should have felt good – finishing this race in a much better time than I planned and outrunning a direct competitor…

But it didn’t feel good. Our exchange of red energy on the route left me with this feeling of not being happy about it. I felt as if I gained with the wrong incentives. I was mumblering to myself that he was a jerk and still I was frustrated. I have had these 14 days of plain blue fantastic holiday and here was my chance of the grand finale. And he ruined it. And in my time of victory I didn’t even feel happy. I remembered the words “be humble in victory and gracious in defeat” I was defenetly not humble – actually I was just as big a jerk as he had been.

But then the most wonderful thing happened. The guy found me in the crowd and reached forward his hand. I’m so sorry for my behaviour on the route he said. I should not have done that. I was so relieved. I said to him that I was sorry too because it must have felt terrible having a guy in the tail for so long not knowing whether my intentions was to beat him up or things like that. We both laughed and agreed that this little moment of shaking hands was the best moment of the day.

There will surely be a lot of reflection for me to do about how to handle similar situations with red facing blue in the future. But today I witnessed  a red guy that turned blue and I told him that he saved the day for both of us.

We could both have walked away in red with a bad memory – instead we now have a great blue memory. His decision to turn blue was a great decision!

Plain blue greetings from Denmark

Peter Andersen