Happy smiles and good energy

A story related by a delegate, Peter Anderson from Denmark:

Dear Steve,

What a joy it has been to follow you and your fathers program.

I have kept my journal and it is filled with many wonderful anecdotes …here is another:

My dear friend Kasper drove me to the train station and I said good-bye to him and jumped on the train. A couple of stations later two guys who looked as if they have lived a rather tough life entered the train and sat next to me. They didn’t say much but you could see that they were together. With heavy breathing and a heavy smell of alcohol the one guy said to the other in a very low voice – don’t worry we will make it, we are there in 10 minutes – and nothing more was said. Now this must have been a special sight – I sat next to them in my ironed shirt, black suit and polished black shoes and the one guy, I think came from Somalia had a broken arm and the other guy looked as if he had his prime time many years ago, perhaps as an musician or something like that. There we were – three guys with different color, background and agendas for the day – but in a while we would find together in a joined discussion about something we all shared in common. I approached them politely and asked what their plans was since they worried about the time. Quite surprised the musician guy looked at me and he said to me – Look they are playing soccer and pointed out the window. Now it was not quite the answer to my question, but it didn’t matter because the intention behind my approach was actually to start a conversation and his counter approach made it possible for us to start a joyful conversation about soccer and politics and the third guys broken arm. I noticed that a woman on seat some meters away had put down her iPhone in order to observe our conversation and she was smiling about what she saw and I felt that a number of people noticed the conversation and the joyful tone it went by in.

When I reached my station, their heavy breathing and low voices had been exchanged with happy smiles and good energy – I had the most fantastic feeling when I left the train and I could really see how other people on the train who had observed that moment was smiling when I wished them a joyful day as well.

Need I say that the meeting I was travelling for got a great outcome and that I now have made my first big deal with a company.

Steve – I am so glad and I don’t know how to thank you. Of course one way of doing it, is by continuing on the path that has been laid out. You and your father’s energy journey has served as an incredible guideline for good changes, and I am sure that my wife, children and friends has started noticing changes as well. Now it comes to keeping up the good spirit.