I had always believed that the most common words in our language were “the”, “and”, “yes” and “us” but Google has nothing to say about any of them! But just try Googling the word “crisis”!

We have an education crisis
A teacher crisis
A Generation Y crisis.

We have a global economic crisis:

–    a banking crisis
–    a credit crisis
–    a sub-prime crisis
–    a cash crisis (more politely called a deficit crisis).

We have a skills crisis.
We have a traffic crisis.
We have moral crises aplenty.

There is an HIV/Aids crisis
A hospital crisis
A nursing crisis.

We have a drug crisis
And an alcohol crisis
And a tobacco crisis.

We have an environmental crisis
An oil crisis
An energy crisis
A climate crisis
A water crisis of too little, too much or too polluted.

We have wars of some sort or another in 128 of the world’s countries
We have a nuclear crisis
And heaven only knows how many political crises.

Family crises, marriage and relationship crises, the crises of the poor, the homeless, the jobless, and the forgotten majority of the world’s population.

If we want to ruin a good dinner all we have to do is pull out the word “CRISIS” and attach it to any other word we choose.  “What do you think about the spinach crisis?” or “How do you feel about the art crisis?” or “Is the current air conditioning crisis affecting you”?

In New Science the word most used is Chaos.  Basically it means the same as crisis but it has a deeper and more exciting meaning.
a)    Order follows Chaos.  We have to experience, endure and outlast Chaos and the reward is the Order on the other side.
b)    Chaos encompasses us all simultaneously because we are infinitely interconnected – everyone to everyone and everything to everything.

So there is hope beyond the Chaos we are currently in. It will give way and lead to Order. But we all have a shared responsibility because Chaos Theory reminds us that even the flapping of a butterfly’s wings over the Amazon Jungle affects the weather patterns over places as far away as Detroit!

If we want things to change, we have to change.  In our language at Learning To Lead we say we have to play more ‘BLUE’ than ‘RED’.

We have to behave in a way that creates positive human energy and not in a negative way that creates negative human energy.  Sadly, we are taught to play more RED than BLUE.