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Welcome to the Play Blue site, a park bench, where we invite you to pause a moment to assess and renew your personal energies. Sit a bit with us and enjoy a view into distant infinity and we share stories from those who have rested here before.

No anger, fear, violence found here, just a collection of tales about people who have triumphed in life despite their circumstances or who have enjoyed moments of joy and tribulation as they have engaged with others, animals or nature.

We trust that you will rest and leave renewed and energised to face the time ahead, until we meet again soon…

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What Others are Saying

The Personal Energy Journey, a great new e-learning course encompassing Colin & Steve Hall’s Energy Journey to living fully.
The concept of Play Blue has changed my whole approach to life and business. We always look for the benefits in any situation before we begin any meeting or client negotiation.
Bruce Wade.
You know what impact your stories and wisdom have had on me and the many people I have been able to link up with you, so my first comment is PLEASE keep building on this theme, give it wings and spread it via others channels. While still quite new at the University, I am even more convinced of the need for and power of your message. I have been sharing bits with students and the response = WOW!.
Awie Vlok – Formerly CSIR, now University of Stellenbosch.
The playBlue concept has changed my attitude in life: “To be a blessing to my family, friends and colleagues I work with”. The fact is that it is scalable and can be applied at different levels to  individual, community, corporate and national levels. Think what a world we will have if everybody plays blue!
F.S. from CSIR (21st May 2014)
I love your Blue / Red emails. Amazing how different the two sides are, yet how easy it is to play Blue if one is aware and makes just a small bit of effort to do so!
D.T. – Private Client Portfolio Manager (22nd May 2014)
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